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Why Choose INTER-CARE for Outpatient Detox? (Part 3 of 4)

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What really stands out about INTER-CARE, and sets us apart from many other detox programs, is our individualized approach to care.  The disease of addiction presents differently in different people.  Therefore, a one size fits all treatment approach is not as likely to succeed as one that takes into account variables including severity of withdrawal, history of mental illness, work schedule and family structure and responsibilities.

For example, in a patient with severe social anxiety we generally emphasize individual counseling instead of group therapy sessions during early recovery, as participation in a treatment group may increase anxiety, paradoxically leading to relapse.  In addition, as INTER-CARE is open for more than 12 hours each weekday, we can design a treatment schedule that fits almost any work schedule.

Another important aspect of our approach is that we have created a recovery curriculum that incorporates recovery strategies from several treatment paradigms.  Although not religiously focused, treatment at INTER-CARE is spiritually based, encouraging our clients to reconnect with loved ones and to find true and deep meaning without the compulsive drug use that ruled their lives for years.  Counselors are experienced in many modalities including meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy.  At times, we also encourage patients to pursue disciplines outside of IINTER-CARE including acupuncture and individualized psychotherapy.

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