Outpatient Detox Services

Aetna, Beacon, Cigna, GHI-Emblem Health, Magnacare, Oxford Health Plans, United Healthcare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield coming soon

We are currently in the process revamping our outpatient detox program and have suspended new admissions during this process – please stay tuned for any updates.

Treatment Goals:
• Manage withdrawal symptoms safely and comfortably
• Engage continued treatment leading to a sustained recovery from addiction

Pre-Appointment Qualifications:
• We use a telephone screening to determine if a higher level of care is recommended to ensure the patient's safety.  These factors include readiness for treatment; significant others who can assist during the withdrawal management process; severity and length of use patterns; and physical and mental health conditions and complications.
• INTER-CARE reserves the right to deny access to our withdrawal management services if factors suggest that a higher level of care is warranted.  The patient will be made aware of the reason(s) for exclusion.

Items You Will Need At The First Appointment:
• A dependable family member or significant other to accompany you and assist in the withdrawal management process.  This person will ensure safe arrival at INTER-CARE, assist in obtaining necessary blood work and medications at a pharmacy, ensure safe return home, and monitor symptoms after leaving our facility.
• Verification that recent blood work was obtained at a reputable lab. INTER-CARE will be happy to assist in providing the names and locations of approved laboratories for blood work.  INTER-CARE may not be able to proceed without getting updated blood work.
• We advise you to bring cash or a credit card to pay for initial medications prior to getting approval from a health insurance provider.  Usually this cost will not exceed $100.

What To Expect At The First Appointment:
• A meeting with medical and counseling staff to determine eligibility for ambulatory withdrawal management services (AWMS)
• If eligible, the patient should expect to spend up to 4 hours at INTER-CARE for extended monitoring purposes. Examinations, obtaining medications at a local pharmacy, taking the medication under the supervision of medical staff, and monitoring reaction(s) to the medication(s) will be ongoing.

Estimated Length of Treatment in AWMS
• For Alcohol – approximately 1 week
• For Opioids – approximately 10 days For Sedatives/Benzodiazepines – Slow taper over 1 to 3 months.

Please note that all patients participating in INTER-CARE’s ambulatory withdrawal management services are expected to maintain attendance at outpatient counseling services following the safe withdrawal process.  This will improve the chances of maintaining ongoing recovery from addictive substances.  Additionally, patients are expected to:
• Abstain from alcohol or illicit substance use while attending the AWMS.
• Follow the medication schedule as developed by the INTER-CARE physician.
• Not operate a motor vehicle or operate any heavy machinery until permitted by the INTER-CARE physician.
• Remove from residence all non-prescribed medications, alcoholic beverages, illicit substances, and drug paraphernalia.
• Provide urine drug screens and breathalyzer screenings as requested.
• Avoid any aggressive or inappropriate behavior at INTER-CARE.
• Call INTER-CARE with any questions or concerns.

All services are provided under the medical supervision of trained and experienced physicians and nursing personnel and overseen by INTER-CARE’s clinical director, Nick Lessa.
Most In-Network insurance plans are accepted, including Aetna, Beacon Health Options, Cigna, Emblem Health, Magnacare, Oxford Health Plans, United Healthcare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

To learn more or to make an appointment, contact Alessandra Parisi at (212) 532-5804 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

INTER-CARE is OASAS-licensed, Part 816.